Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over $900 Million in Self Storage Sales

Bancap Self Storage Group, the “#1 Self Storage Broker in California,” recently announced that it has completed over $900 million of successful self storage sales transactions. The firm achieved this major milestone with recent sales in Long Beach and Hawthorne in Los Angeles County, California.

“Although we are not a household name, virtually every self storage owner knows about us,” said Dean Keller, President of Bancap Self Storage Group. “We are the only brokerage firm that can honestly boast the #1 track record in the state with over 25 years experience in brokering self storage properties exclusively.”

Bancap Self Storage Group has recently brokered several lender-owned “REO” properties that were foreclosed on by lenders, as well as first-class, high occupancy properties that were very profitable. The firm has also facilitated more self storage portfolio sales in the state than any other broker. Additionally, the company was responsible for the record-setting sale of a single self storage property in California at over $31 million.

“Although many owners think they cannot obtain a good price in today’s market, that is definitely not the case,” Keller said, “We have several motivated buyers that are aggressively looking for stabilized facilities in good markets. The key for the seller is to hire a self storage broker with a proven track record of getting the highest and best price possible. Self storage is a very unique property type and it takes a very specific expertise with decades of experience to maximize value for sellers in this unique property niche.”

For more information contact Dean Keller, President of Bancap Self Storage Group at (949) 888-5355 or visit the company web site at www.bancapselfstorage.com